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Corporate Outplacement by Prager-Bernstein Group

Your company has made the decision to restructure, reorganize, rightsize or to lay off one or more employees. They have also made the decision to provide outplacement to the targeted individuals.  To where do you now go? What considerations must you evaluate?  What kind of firm is right for you?

Here at The Prager-Bernstein Group we have a willingness and ability to provide customized programs for unique cases and special needs. Our typical program consists of the following:

Organizational/Corporate Consulting

To assist both human resources and line management in the effective planning, communication and implementation of corporate reorganizations; pre-termination manager training; negotiation of reference guidelines and reason for leaving statements; and post-termination on-site orientation meetings with employees.

Individual Outplacement Counseling

Structured counseling sessions focus on the individuals’ needs: emotional, job search, resume, financial, personal and/or spouse- and family-related. The following program components are covered in one-on-one, in-depth, and customized sessions.

  • Career Assessment, Skills Analysis, Testing and Evaluation
  • Career Path Determination and Development of Meaningful Career Objective
  • Resume Development and Preparation
  • Marketing Preparation and Campaign
  • The Job Interview
  • Salary Negotiation and Evaluation of Job Offers

Group Workshops: Career Transition / Re-Employment

Workshops cover the process, tools, concepts, techniques and skills needed to conduct a successful job search. The workshops are hands-on, interactive and motivational. Program components include: dealing with job loss and transition, testing, skills analysis, resume overview and development, networking and other job search techniques, job interview preparation, salary negotiation, and development of individual action plans.

Option: May be followed up with one-on-one counseling, to answer questions, to provide additional coaching, and to monitor the job search campaign.

Your goal will be to provide your outplaced employee(s) with the best and most appropriate services for them and you; to provide the individual with assistance in job search or career change, and to provide support and information, during a stressful and often difficult time, the period of unemployment.

Questions to ask yourself:

What is involved in the program?  How many sessions?  How long will it last?  Is there counseling throughout the job hunt?  Is there any assistance provided to spouse, significant other or children?  Is there an awareness of the psychological issues of job loss and job change, and are they dealt with?  What materials, such as workbooks, are provided?