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Individual Career Counseling

Dissatisfied with your current job? Looking to make a career change? Need assistance with internal career management? New to the job market? Need assistance positioning yourself for that job interview or internal promotion ? Need the perfect resume? Want help in preparing for, and/or selecting a college or graduate school? Thinking about retirement? Seeking more flexibility and work/life balance? Dissatisfied with your career- lacking challenge? Looking to make a difference? Burnt out in your current job or profession?

Through a series of tests, assessment and counseling sessions, we provide you with the tools and strategies necessary to reach your goals, whether in your current job, in a new job, in a new career, or even in a new business venture. Our services are suitable for students and young adults seeking entry-level job coaching, mid-career professionals in transition, and those at the end of their career needing to plan their retirement.

Testing Program

Vocational, personality and aptitude tests are used in the self-assessment process, to help define interests, values and skills, strengths and weaknesses, to define realistic goals, to assist in the career transition process, and to formulate a career plan. Testing is even available for high school students to assist them in the selection of a major and a college.

Career Counseling Program

The career counseling program can be as comprehensive as you wish or need. As with the job search program below, whether you are seeking another position doing the same work at which you currently are or were previously employed, or whether you are seeking a new career, or starting your own business, will determine the extent of the services you select. Among the services we provide are career assessment, vocational testing and aptitude testing, evaluation of transferable skills, exploration of options, establishment of objectives, career selection, career management, work issues counseling and pre-retirement counseling. Counseling sessions, although usually face-to-face, can be conducted over the telephone.

Job Search Program

Having decided on your career direction, the next step is the job search. Assistance can be provided in many different areas. Among the services provided are: resume development and preparation, portfolio critique and development, networking skills training, and other job search strategies, interview coaching, mock interviews, evaluation of job offers and salary negotiation. The program does not need to end with the acceptance of a new job. An annual career or job audit is available to ensure that you are keeping yourself marketable in a world without lifetime employment guarantees.