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Executive Coaching

Are you thinking about promoting from within? Have you recently promoted an employee who needs assistance acclimating to the new position? Do you have an employee performing below expectation?

Are you an employee having difficulty getting along? Are you seeking assistance managing your new work role? Do you need help improving your communication, delegation or teambuilding skills?

With executive coaching, we work to improve and/or modify performance and productivity, deal with new work roles, improve communication skills and relationships, and develop the necessary skills for promotion, career advancement and leadership development.

The Process:

  • Intake – statement of problem, consideration of corporate (employer) and individual (employee) perceptions, review performance and career development needs, and identify critical issues
  • Assessment – employee interview, standardized tools such as MBTI, 16PF and 360° instruments, and input from human resources, line management and other sources
  • Data Collection – interpret test results and interviews, and provide feedback
  • Action Plan Development – present recommendations, develop goals and strategies, and specify behaviors to modify, enhance or reinforce
  • Coaching Sessions – ongoing one-on-one sessions with coachee (can be supplemented by telephone and email communication)
  • Evaluation and follow-up – monitor progress throughout coaching process, determine if performance and behavior have changed in a positive way, if desired skills have been mastered, and if organization’s and individual’s goals have been reached

Executive coaching is an essential management development and career management tool and technique used to enable employees to operate at their full potential and to produce improved performance and productivity. It provides individuals with an objective outsider and sounding board that they sometimes need. It helps individuals to stay focused and to set realistic and achievable goals. It provides them with the necessary tools to make the desired changes.

Other Corporate Services

  • Career Management/Career Development – workshops and one-on-one coaching
  • Career Reappraisal/Career Decision-Making – develop viable options for individuals who are plateaued, demoralized or becoming unproductive in their current positions
  • Pre-Retirement Coaching
  • Young Adult Career Services – assist high school students in assessing their interests and skills prior to selecting a college, and high school and college students in making a transition to the world of work
  • Performance Coaching
  • Survivor Counseling and Training
  • Human Resources Consulting