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Pre-Retirement Counseling

Are you thinking about retirement? Are you dreaming of starting your own business? Are you a baby boomer looking at your next phase of life? Are you having what used to be called a “mid-life crisis”? Are you ready to leave the corporate rat race? Are there any dreams or ambitions you put on hold while you climbed the corporate ladder or while you raised a family? Have you had enough of office politics? Are you looking for a second career or a “retirement” career? Are you thinking about doing things other than work - volunteering, spending time with family and friends, traveling, etc? Do you want new challenges or adventures? Are you worrying about how you stay connected without the built-in structure of work? Do you want to do similar work, but with more flexibility, work/life balance and control of your time?


Our pre-retirement counseling services, while similar to the individual career counseling program, focus on the later stage of the career lifecycle. We help you to explore both the practical and psychological aspects of retirement and to redefine yourself without a full-time work role. These services help guide our clients through the pre-retirement/retirement planning process, which for many is both a turning point and major life transition.

The pre-retirement program can be as brief or as comprehensive as you wish. We assist you, whether you are looking for an entirely new career, second career, part-time work, or doing something totally different from what you had done before. Among the services we provide are career assessment, vocational testing and aptitude testing, career transition counseling, evaluation of transferable skills, exploration of options, and job search training.

The Process

  • Self-Assessment / Self-Exploration is the starting point. This re-appraisal is necessary in order to “re-invent” yourself. This should include both personal and professional aspects of one’s life. We help you to take a look at work experience, job satisfiers and dissatisfiers, values, special interests and hobbies, accomplishments, transferable skills, and strengths and weaknesses.
  • Set Goals - short-term, intermediate and long-term - that are based on your self-exploration and your new priorities, in your newly-adjusted “life portfolio”. Re-balance, if necessary, as your priorities shift (like financial portfolio rebalance) throughout your life. Your “personal life portfolio” can include the following elements: work - family - friends - lifelong learning - hobbies - travel - fitness - community involvement - etc.
  • Develop an action plan that begins with giving yourself enough time for the process, identifying what you enjoy and what you now want to do, assess your options - volunteer, part-time work, consultant, start a business, create a plan which may include easing out of work into retirement by going from full-time to part-time, going back to school for a new or unfinished degree, conducting occupational research or information interviews, or exploring non-profit, pro bono, community service, mentoring or even not working at all.

Through pre-retirement counseling, you will be able to successfully and comfortably go through this sometimes stressful life transition, feeling ready, prepared and comfortable with yourself and being able to answer the always-asked question: “What do you do?”