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“The employment world of today presents challenges and opportunities unlike anything faced before. Successful professionals and entrepreneurs seeking transitions, executives in need of coaching, as well as recent college graduates seeking direction, displaced employees and those seeking re-entry into the business world, need the guidance and professional assistance of a career counselor.

Only through self-assessment and career counseling will you achieve your goals and growth in the most effective and efficient manner.”

--- Leslie B. Prager, M.A., C.M.P.
Past President, New York Chapter
International Association of Career Management Professionals

What does a career counselor do?

Career counselors provide a wide range of services which include individual and group career counseling, testing, career assessment and evaluation, job search training, interview coaching, resume writing, executive coaching, career coaching, career management and pre-retirement counseling. Career counselors help people to make decisions and plans related to career directions, both at the beginning and throughout their work lives, from high school and college students making decisions about education, entering the world of work and embarking on first jobs or internships, to mid-career professionals, to entrepreneurs starting businesses, to baby boomers considering second and third careers and seeking pre-retirement coaching.

Who is our founder?

Leslie B. Prager, M.A., C.M.P., founding partner of The Prager-Bernstein Group, is a certified career management practitioner, career counselor and executive coach. She is a former human resources director and vice president at a New York City insurance company. During her tenure, she learned to understand and appreciate the hardships, difficulties and challenges, faced by both the organization and its employees, that surface during times of job loss, job change and career change. Her corporate and counseling background, commencing with her receipt of an M.A. in art therapy, and her longstanding affiliation as the Coordinator of The Career Center at New School University, places her in the position of understanding both the demands of her corporate clients and the needs of individuals, as well as in having the unique knowledge of how to develop the necessary programs to achieve their goals.

Publications, Presentations and Media Appearances

Ms. Prager has been published in the Wall Street Journal’s National Business Employment Weekly, on the subjects of job loss and job search, and in HR Now, the award-winning magazine of the New York State Society of Human Resource Management, Inside HR/NY, the monthly newsletter of the Human Resource Association of New York, and online at, on the subjects of career change and career management,. She is a frequent speaker and writer on career management issues, has been seen on several television shows, and has been quoted in magazines, newspapers and online. Among those media outlets which have quoted Ms. Prager are The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, CNN, Newsday,,, and For a more comprehensive list of our publications, presentations and media appearances, please go to the bottom of this page.

Who are our clients?

Our individual clients run the gamut from students and recent college graduates entering the workplace to dissatisfied mid-career employed or unemployed professionals in the arts, academia and corporations, to returnees, budding entrepreneurs and pre-retirees.  They all use our services to assist them through the many transitions they undergo throughout their work lives. Both our individual and corporate clients come from a broad range of industries: from law to finance, from fashion to architectural design, from higher education to publishing, and from for-profit to not-for-profit organizations.  The corporate clients serviced by The Prager-Bernstein Group utilize our services to assist them with a range of situations requiring the need for executive coaching, pre-retirement counseling or outplacement. We have provided our services to organizations including Actors' Equity (Actors' Work Program), the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and the United Nations.


As I approached my 50th birthday, I was interested in exploring other career avenues that would allow me to use the skills and experience that I had accumulated over the years in new ways. But I was not really sure what options I had. Leslie was a wonderfully supportive, engaging and thoughtful guide throughout this exploratory process. Leslie then assisted me with the actual job search process of specifying occupations to target, locating appropriate openings, and cultivating my personal and professional networks for job leads and support for my applications.

----- L.K.

I still cannot believe this all happened so fast, and I pinch myself now and then to make sure this is not a dream! I feel certain I made the right move, because I can see already that there are many areas where I can be helpful here. I have already been noted as a quality employee with a positive attitude and professional demeanor. I foresee an abundant and successful future for myself! Thank you for all your support and interest -- I feel lucky to have worked with you. As I have said many times, you helped me more than you may realize!

----- M.T.

Working with you definitely helped me to move on to my new position. I was able to identify what I really wanted to do, and you helped me to recognize the tools I needed to get the kind of job I desired. In a way, I feel a bit like Dorothy to your good witch Glinda. I had the power all the time ---I just didn’t know how to use it! Thanks so much. You can add me to your list of success stories.

----- P.G.

I came to Ms. Prager as a very confused individual. She helped me to focus my career direction and to find the right path. Through her assistance I was able, not only to get several job interviews, but I entered each one feeling very well-prepared and confident. I am now in a much better job and I truly believe I owe it all to her. She has my whole-hearted endorsement.

------ S.G.

I needed to select a career counselor, who first and foremost, I admire as a human being. After 30 years as an occupational therapist in Cincinnati, Ohio, I yearned to begin a fascinating new career. Leslie’s work style empowered me to make informed decisions and sound planning related to my career transition and direction. Today, I am a heartbeat away from securing an executive position with a cosmetic, toiletry and fragrance corporation in New York City!

----- G.M.

Our work together was so valuable. I think of the changes I made. The weekly discipline of our career counseling sessions helped me tremendously, and really made a difference in my life, as I made the transition from highly paid, yet dissatisfied fashion sales executive to a career in non-profit development.

----- P.L.

I just wanted to let you know how I was doing since you were instrumental in helping me to come to a decision. I finished the spring semester of college with a 3.75 average. I am enjoying being in college and I think this was the break from work I needed. Thank you again for your valuable advice --- you have helped me to change my life for the better.

----- A.H.

After 22 years as a registered nurse, Leslie B. Prager facilitated my transition into special events planning. I must admit, the thought of launching a career in the business sector was daunting. She was able to understand my needs and walked me through the step-by-step process. She helped me to re-think and to re-tool in order for me to meet my goals. Indeed, she provided me with the blueprint for success.

----- J.P.

How do I learn more?

For further information, please feel free to call The Prager-Bernstein Group at (212) 697-0645 or complete this inquiry form online.

A brochure and additional literature are available.

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